If you are interested in the masters programs in "Software Engineering and Management", but have questions or need more information to decide to join, please fill out the contact form below.

Our team will contact you ASAP to provide you a detailed information about the Master program, the schedule and thee admission process. During our conversations, we will be able to answer any specific questions, that you may have about the education process at Varna Free University.


The admission process at Varna Free University is easy. We will need information about your previouse bachelor or master degree and an CV. The master program is perfect for people with a work experience in IT or Software Development Companies.



Candidates must be graduates in one of the following professional areas: Mathematics; Computer Sciences; Computer Science or Software Engineering or have higher education in other professional area and grade 3 or 4 in the professional field "Informatics and Computer Science".

Candidates should have practical experience which is evidenced by a copy of a document certifying of their experience in a company (2 years) or prove their experience with interview before a commission of professional field "Informatics and Computer Science", which can present their specific experience in real software project, published in Github source code and more.

The interview and they certify their level of English. They show their knowledge of English interview.

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