Software Engineering and Management

We officially started the Master program of Software Engineering and Management, class 2018/2019 on 27th October 2018. The doors are open for all Business Owners, Developers, Software Engineeres, Students and StartUp lovers.


13:00 h
Career opportunities in the IT industry

13:15 h
Blockchain Technologies and Solutions

14:00 h
Official start of the Master program in Software Engineering and Management

14:45 h
Break for Social Interactions :)

15:00 h
M.Sc. Software Engineering and Management as a corporate training

15:20 h
The needs of the moders universities - R&D, Virtual Internships etc.

15:45 h
PhD. Schoolarships at VFU

16:00 h
VFU + IT Companies | What we can do together?!

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