The master class in Software Engineering and Management (SEM) starts in school year 2013/2014 at Varna Free University Chernorizets Hrabar. Official opening: 1 October 2013 at 17.)) hrs in USK 3.

The class focuses entirely on the practical aspect of the subject and is taught by established experts in the business. The idea of the class is born in 2000 at the University of California. Later it is taken up by the Universities of Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

Now, leading international software companies represented in the region are joining their efforts to bring the programme to Bulgaria. It comprises six 3-month modules. In each module the students combine their training at the university with team work in business environment participating in actual projects. This gives them first-hand experience in the world of software business.

In Bulgaria the idea is promoted by Galin Zhelyazkov, the Technical director for 158 Ltd. It was provoked by the Varna Free University seminar on the link between education and software practice held in 2012. Part of it is included in project ‘Student practices’ under OPHR. The first module of the master class is taught by Galin Zhelyazkov (158 Ltd), Dimitar Danailov (158 Ltd), Maria Vasileva (158 Ltd), Alexander Dimov (1st Online Solutions), Kaloyan Kosev (DevLab).

Atanas Dimov
(1st Online Solutions)
Dimitar Danailov
(158 Ltd)
Kaloyan Kosev
Maria Vasileva
(158 Ltd)

The attendants of the class receive certificates issued by the Varna Free Universities for each module. The teams also receive certificates by the companies in whose projects they have participated.

In January 2014 the Informatics department with VFU will organize certification sessions for the class in which ECTS credits will be granted.
Parts of some modules are taught by lecturers with the Department of Informatics. Some of the actual projects are provided by the Technological institute at VFU.
The first module can be attended by up to 60 participants.
The training and the entire project documentation is in English.
The teams working on the company provided projects will be made up of 6 participants each.
In the beginning of the master class each participant will suggest their own idea for a project of local importance.

Application for the Master class
Start: 23 September 2013
Each participant pays a fee and registers online

Module 1 fees (October – December 2013)
Students of Bachelor and Master Programmes in Informatics and Computer Sciences at VFU and partner schools and colleges: 120 BGN.
Other applicants: 180 BGN